2012: Doomsday

Not to be confused with propaganda from the History Channel, 2012: Doomsday is the film (I use the term loosely) that attempts to combine Christianity and 2012 disaster theories. It is unwatchably bad, with the most compelling dilemma raised in the film being whether the acting is even worse than the writing, or vice versa. Sharon K. Gilbert recently called the film “pseudo-Christian claptrap,” which is certainly an apt, although perhaps overly kind, description.  

The premise of the film is that “Doomsday” occurs because the earth’s rotation stops because of alignment between the earth, the sun, and an [imaginary] black hole in the center of the galaxy. Furthermore, the viewer finds out that along with being human-sacrificing blood thirsty savages, the Mayans were also…that’s right…Christians. We know this because some of the film’s protagonists find a gold crucifix dating back to 300 AD. No, seriously, that’s what happens.

The absurdity of this has not been lost on reviewers who justifiably skewer the film. Excruciatingly bad “Christian” films/books/music/t-shirts, etc. are nothing new, of course. However, attempting to pass what is blatantly a New Age spirituality recruiting tool (the 2012 theories) off as “Christian” is not just cheesy, it is anti-biblical and detrimental to Christianity itself. There is no biblical precedent for God using a pagan society that sacrifices and cannibalizes its members to purvey truth about the world. There is absolutely no biblical basis for suspecting that the year 2012 has any special prophetic significance. As far as I can tell, the filmmakers simply stole material from the History Channel piece on 2012 and decided that anything that refers to the end of the world must be in agreement with biblical prophecy.

People should of course to be free to make whatever films that exploit and promote 2012 theories that they want to. However, to try and imply that these theories align with biblical prophecy is at best misguided and at worst is a deliberate and calculated deception.

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5 Responses to 2012: Doomsday

  1. Excellent review and dead on, Andrew. You’ve saved me the trouble of revisiting this piece of trash in order to write my own review! I’ve posted an excerpt with a link to the article at our media website, Watcher Magazine. Well done, sir!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Sharon!

  3. Cris Putnam says:

    Wow I guess you saved me some tomatoes…
    now off to make a salad!

  4. Ana B. says:

    Good Job Andrew!

  5. The Lizard says:

    The whole gold crucifix thing is understandable if there were any Mormons involved with the production, or simply just trying to fit in the beliefs of their religion. After all, their entire theology rests on Jesus having been resurrected and then coming to visit the “lost tribes” of Judea in North America. Certainly you entice more viewers that way! However, you should take into consideration that some really funky archeological finds have been found throughout North America that indicate interaction between Old and New Worlds long before the Vikings got here.

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