David Icke Debunked

First a quick update. Many of the videos on this blog are currently down because of a false copyright claim from Gregg Braden on my video “Gregg Braden Debunked” Which caused my primary Youtube account to be shut down. The material I used of his was covered under “fair use” as it was obviously for the purposes of critique. I will be updating the embedded videos on this site over the next few days, so please for give my mess.

Now on to Icke. Although Icke currently says that he doesn’t think anything will happen on 2012, he used to say it quite boldly:

Another important date may well
be December 21st 2012, when the calender system left by the Mayans in Central
America more than 1600 years ago, predicted that a great cycle for the Earth would
end. – And the Truth Will Set You Free – pg. 452

He also talks about it here in this video:

In any case I thought some of you might be interested in my new 2.5 hour video looking in to “Spiritual Evolution” I called it “David Icke Debunked” Although those at the Prison Planet Forums have renamed my thread (as they often do) “Chris White Documentary: Spiritual Evolution Debunked… Case Study: David Icke” Which I think makes it a bit more appropriate for this 2012 blog as well.

So here it is, for footnotes, transcripts and free downloads and DVDs go to http://davidickedebunked.com :

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9 Responses to David Icke Debunked

  1. Jim says:

    Great job,Chris.Glad to see it discussed on PP forum,although that place is as almost as bad as any new age or turher forum.Christian-bashing is the norm in these Last Days.I checked Icke’s forum,it is there in the religion section,and on Project Avalon,the new age forum of Bill Ryan,with the usual religious nut hypocritical comments.It’s out there,and the attacks are to be expected.There will be some that will watch it,and perhaps be moved to reflection and repentance.I hope AJ watches it,and thinks a bit deeper before having Icke,Tsarion or Jordan on again.I stopped listening to him a couple years ago when he was “honored” to have Jordan on his show to explain life to us all.But then I never tuned onto him much anyway.The teens and 20s crowd are being led astray by those type of guests he promotes.Actuall all age groups,but his Hollywood and Rocker image snares the younger folks easily.Take care.

  2. mae west says:

    Firstly..Thank you for all the hard work and research you must have done to put together the “David Icke Debunked” Video. It has made it very clear,through your Video portraying the Facts/Truths via others’ “Works”, by revealing all the Interviews and Information given in it…It “Shout’s out Loud” that Mr Icke is nothing more than a “Mimic” of everyone that preceded him on these Subjects! Also that he has been Blatenly stealing and using others’ Works/Knowledge and claiming them as his own.It is Sadly Dismaying! On top of that, to Profit from, pl us Gain A Reputation as a Wise, Honest, Writer/Reseacher based on his own Originality, and speaking from his Honest Experiences’ or at least leg work!! It’s obvious, Mr Icke failing to Quote/Refer to the “Original Text” of the Predecessor’s on the Subject, as you have done in this Video…Says that he has not one Original thought of his own and if so he has Contradicted himself many times…I have alway’s been a believer in “Original Thinking” ! e.g. As in deciding for one’s self…I like to see things from both sides to establish Fact from Fiction…Also I think “No Reason No Rhyme” It appears that David Icke isn’t “The Original Thinker” i believed him to be…”He is Non Originality Itself”. His Books are a Contradiction.. from one to the next.To make matter’s worse… His Gain from selling Book’s and hosting live Seninar’s are Merely a Sad Sham!! Profiteering from “Seconhand View’s and Citing Secondhand News”! Is a Deception using the thought’s stolen from others’ and claiming Fame to them…I see with “Clarity” now…Through your compilation of the different “Reference Point’s” and live footage based on Fact used in your Video…It’s a Shame that Mr Icke could’ve and should’ve refered to these,as you have, for his “Integrity and Reputation’s sake”… It Say’s “Fraud and Liar”!! No longer do I believe he is “Deserved of any Respect”…Him or his Books aren’t Worthy to be on my list of “Great Minded People” !! Not Afraid to Dare to speak the Truth or Speak their Mind’s to the World… So Glad I watched your Video and Glad that you created it for people like myself that have payed alot of money to Read his Book’s and Hear him Speak … Many Thank’s for me feeling…Very Much Enlightened about Mr David Icke…Your’s sincerely Mae…

  3. Vic says:

    It appears to me that you are just another christian trying to do his duty by attacking anyone whose teachings differ from the dogma of your bible.

    The thing is you haven’t actually debunked David Icke.

    A critical viewing of your video shows that you have ‘debunked’ him only in a christian context.

    As christianity has long been known to be a modification of paganism, using the same symbology as paganism, and used as a very successful form of social control for a couple of millenia, then you haven’t actually presented anything that might contribute to the world.

    In other words you are only preaching to your converted.

    Open-minded people, those not slaves to religious, political or scientific dogma, will not fall for this sleight-of-hand video. I say that because all you have done is call the video ‘David Icke Debunked’ – your closed-minded converts will then plough through your video with the title message in mind.

    They will expect a debunking and that is what they will see. What they will not see is that you have not, in fact, debunked the man.

    Further trickery comes in the guise of your voice – you have the gift of verbal articulation, and you deliver your words in a chilled-out objective way.

    But those with eyes to see, and ears to hear, realise that you are merely a christian apologist. A slave to religious dogma.

  4. Jeanine Mack says:

    Thank you Chris for all the research you have done. I know what it takes to put a work like this together. I, myself have been reading, searching, and accumulating data for a very long time, not even knowing why I have been so compelled to do it. I have a truth that has always been instinctively a part of me. I have no proof of the validity of this truth other than it is self-evident. You could debunk me in an instant, so here it goes: ” I am already living in paradise and Jesus has never left this planet, so he does not have to return. (to me this is the greatest secret) I live and practice this understanding everyday.”

  5. Jessie says:

    Vic, clearly you didn’t watch the video. David Icke’s “science” wasn’t correct. It has nothing to do with scientific dogma. He was being fed lies by these spirits. Also, “open minded” people are also at risk of believing everything. If you believe everything you won’t know what the truth is and you will live in an illusion of truths. Eventually, you have to close your mind and make a choice to actually BELIEVE in something. That’s where faith comes.

  6. Gina says:

    I agree with Vic, nothing solid here about this. I liked to here Greg debunkded because it was on clear scientific principle, but here in his attempt to debunk David there is no science at all.

    Much could be written about the flaws in the way attempts to tear down another person for their beliefs. This is no longer “Debunking” here today but belief tearing downing and personal attacks because someone “believes” differently.

    Please keep attacking him so that others can see more clearly your mistakes which you will make. What a waste of time

    We could talk about the flaws of the Bible, Jews and all other groups.

    Could you stick with science ?

  7. Super Genius says:

    This video neither disproves or proves anything. Everything is language. THE ACTUAL MESSAGE HERE IS ★ to truly be open-minded to all information and then sort through it and trust YOUR INTUITION about what is correct.

    Otherwise, you’ll spend your whole life letting others tell you what to believe based on the majority (in any area be it science, religion or space spirituality).

  8. dan says:

    This video proves nothing whatsoever! infact its lacking any real facts and doesnt really debunk Icke at all. Yes mr Icke sometimes likes to romance and show us is vivid imagination.But much of what he says is quite releveant and actually true regarding the New world order and the control mechanisms in this 3D exixtence. We have to use our own intuition and take whats good and of use and discard the rest. But to try and discredit him 100% is ridiculous and very closed minded and short sighted indeed !!

  9. tim says:

    uh…don’t know about you folks but do i really need to debunk anyone who thinks the queen is a lizard?


    i will eagerly watch your video tonight

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