The 2012 Galactic Alignment Hoax

I have heard for many years that on December 21, 2012 the earth was going to align with the sun and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. I used to point to this coming event as the reason there would be a pole shift as well as any number of cataclysms. I discovered recently while doing the research for the 2012 debunked video that this was very untrue.

To show you how scientifically impotent the galactic alignment theories are I will need to show you the difference between the twenty six thousand year precession cycle and the two hundred and fifty million year cycle of the solar system’s revolution around the galaxy. Most 2012 gurus will pick one or the other, or they mix up the two as they stumble through a pseudo scientific presentation that might sound fancy until you see the difference between the two.

First Precession:


This event is only significant from the earth’s point of view. The precession cycle or the 26,000 year wobble of the earth only causes the EFFECT of the stars changing position on the horizon. and therefore on the effect of galactic alignment. if you were viewing this “precession” from anywhere else in the solar system it would be totally insignificant, There is no gravitational force or radiation to be expected from this event because other than the tilt of the earth, nothing will be any different than the last few thousand solstices, and as such, the Earth will be no closer to the galactic center than any other solstice, in fact we will be much further away from galactic center than the Mayans were at that time.

The other camp of belief surrounding the 2012 alignment issue is probably the more significant of the two because it is dealing with the solar system’s actual location in relation to galactic center. The idea is that our little solar system is moving around the center of the galaxy every 225 to 250 million years or so, and while doing so it is moving up and down in a cycle crossing the plane every 33 million years.


So, the question is, are we going to cross that galactic plane in 2012?

Not even close. According to the journal nature, as well as many others, there is evidence of crossing this plane 3 million years ago. This would mean that we are moving away from the galactic plane and won’t be due to cross it for another 30 million years. In addition the margin of error in these calculations in at least 2.1 parsecs or about 6.5 light years making images like these completely meaningless.

To conclude:
If you hear someone tell you that the earth is on a 26,000 year cycle to align with the galaxy ask them how the wobble of the earth will change its position in relation to the galaxy.

Similarly, if you hear someone say that the earth is on a 250 million year cycle to align with the galaxy ask them if they know that this happened 3 million years ago and wont happen again for another 30 million.

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20 Responses to The 2012 Galactic Alignment Hoax

  1. If you want more of your movies censored, contact me! :-)

    I do agree with you in nearly everything, but I know much more and I’m not able to put it properly in English – as you can figure it out, it’s not my first language. We should exchange some information’s, because we are Christina soldiers and brothers.

    A lot of blessings from Yahshuah.

  2. Non-relevant says:

    First off, it has been proven by many astronomers and astrophysicists that a for the our sun (solar system) to revolve around the galactic bulge takes approximately 225 million years. Secondly, your theory saying that this cycle was concluded 3 million years ago and is not due up for another 30 million years (adding up to 33 million years) only accounts for 14.6% of that grand cycle, so the question I pose to you is:

    If this cycle happened 3 million years ago and is due up in another 30 million, how do you account for the approximate 192 million years not shown in your calculations?

  3. Non-relevant says:

    Also can you please elaborate on this “evidence” that we crossed over the galactic plane 3 million years ago.

  4. Non-relevant says:

    Another factor you need to take into consideration is the teachings of the Mayan civilization (arguably the most intelligent to ever grace the earth)whom were religiously obsessed with time-keeping and the workings of the universe. Their documented studies have paved the way for current astronomers today. Many current proven galactic theories and trends were derived from their recordings. Most of what you yourself likely learned about the universe, would have been through their documentation, just filtered through many physicists and astronomers over the past thousand years or so. The track record of the Mayans has been astoundingly accurate at predicting celestial events, including every single lunar eclipse thousands of years into the future. Are you really trying to dismiss the credibility of this great civilization by trying to prove otherwise? Perhaps they knew something you have not taken into consideration. How many celestial events have you predicted to the exact date? The same calender that you make and your plan your schedule around was created by these same people. I suggest you study more into this, as they had a much deeper understanding of the world and workings of the universe than society today could ever dream of.

  5. Greetings,
    Is there a name connected with the writing of this piece? First off, I find you indulging in error #1 in how the galactic alignment is conceptualized. With this error in place, the critiques you offer are the same ones I offered against superficial stupidity in the 2012 discussion over ten years ago. The galactic alignment has been defined with scientifc clarity. Try typing in “Galactic Alignment” into Google. The FIRST page that comes up is the page I posted many years ago on my website, called “What is the Galactic Alignment?” The precessional basis is defined, the galactic alignment is defined and illustrated and the various details of the alignment parameters are discussed. You might also try reading the one and only book titled Galactic Alignment, written by myself and published in 2002 with international distribution and translated into several foreign languages. If you can’t rationally engage the primary material on how the Maya incorporated the alignment of the solstice sun with the dark rift in the Milky Way into their cosmological traditions, then please try to avoid misconstruing my pioneering research and misleading your readers. It is true that 90% of the b.s. that floods the marketplace today is a joke, but you might try to stretch open that mind a little and acknowledge the simple fact that all cycle endings, including the one in 2012, had meaning to the ancient Maya who devised the Long Count calendar (and it had nothing to do with doomsday). And before you spew opinions to the contrary, you might want to do a little research into Maya traditions. Start with the material I studied in the writing of my 1998 book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, as listed in the bibliography:

  6. Mitch says:

    Baaahaha you got Owned.

  7. Hal says:

    I would listen to what JMJ says. I haven’t learned enough to say your right but I believe your wrong…? The statements at the end don’t leave me, or anyone with any information. So who benefits from that :) Still searching, and looking up.

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  9. True Bliever says:

    What happens if you wrong? The Myans, Egyptians, Acient Calendar and GOD could make it happen….


    Prophetic Signs that we are in the End Times. It is up to you how you live out your life after 12-21- 2012.


    Nothing special happens. First of all, the gravity effect of the milky way is about a trillion times less than the sun on the Earth. That would move the Earth less than 5 inches (out of 93 million miles to the sun). Secondly, this 5 inches happens over a period of more than 100 million years, so it is pretty slow. Thirdly, the “alignment” itself does not cause anything to happen; there are no magic X-rays or gravity waves or anything like that, that happen only at the alignment. The gravity effects are spread over the whole galactic orbit of 220 million years.

    And last of all, the precise alignment of the solstice point (the precise center-point of the body of the sun as viewed from earth) with the galactic equator happened 1998. With some hand waving, some people could argue that it happened during the period 1998 to 2001. Nothing special, from an astronomically point of view, happened as a result of the alignment.

    BEWARE 2012 – 2019 is ironically, the Seven Year Peroid Of Tribulation………

    Matthew 24:8-9 “But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of my name.”

  11. Hephælios says:

    “It is the helicoidal track of the sun, having arrived at the ZENITH of its curve across space, at the time of the cyclic catastrophe” -(The Mystery of the Cathedrals) Fulcanelli 1924

  12. hjgfd says:

    In 2012, the aliens are coming to do Ban Banga with all the white males in the world. Beware.

  13. hjgfd says:

    In 2012, the aliens are coming to do Banga Banga with all the white males in the world. Beware.

  14. And yet another apocalyptic movie, i am really wondering where this is heading. Oh, nice blog by the way ;)

  15. Don't sweat it... says:

    Let me first start off by saying one thing…you are a seemingly very smart man. However, I believe your belief system may be interfering with your scientific knowledge. I am no atheist…and I don’t believe that in 2012 we will see apocalyptic earth or enlightenment (unless personally done by means of prayer or meditation…same thing to me).

    If you are trying to scientifically disprove someone…the last thing you should ever do, is bring religion into the matter. The debunk of Braden was good, until the point you brought up all the religious stuff…because there are, in fact, quite a few legitimate books from the “bible” that are in fact not inserted into modern bibles…sure…they may have had them in originals, but were left out of the King James bible (which almost all say is the most accurate to the original scriptures).

    I am not by any means trying to disprove your religion…simply asking to leave it out of the scientific community…honestly it just complicates everything and makes matters worse 100% of the time. I admire your intelligence, it is good know we have level headed people here…ya know…in this world.

    It is difficult to do research on any of this though…it’s pretty much like the American congress right now…completely bi-partisan…split down the middle. One says one thing, the other, the opposite…it’s just frustrating to rifle through the garbage, so I have since given up and just decided to live my life…it’s easier that way :)

    Thanks for the info, hopefully it’s accurate…hope the best for you.

  16. rik says:

    • Hi administrator.. I have read about Jenkins and to be honest, he is full of mistakes regarding Astronomy. You got it right in many things but he is spreading false news, some people are gullible and don’t do their research. Jenkins claims in his website( ) the galactic alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years. He is completely wrong!. Galactic alignment occurs twice in a cycle of 64 million years. In other words, galactic alignment occurs approx every 32 million years. Other big mistake is, he claims that it will take sun 36 years to precess through the Galactic equator. This is false information and very irresponsible. He should go back to school. It’s pure and simple maths and one doesn’t have to be Einstein………..Logic and common sense is all you need. so Let’s see Jenkin’s assumption whether it makes sense. We have to differentiate between galactic disc which is aprox 1000 light years thick and its centre which is called galactic centre and it’s aprox 100 light year thick. 1ly = 1 trillion miles. It will take the sun to cross this galactic centre aprox 232,600 years and not 36 years as Jenkins claim. It will take the sun to cross the galactic disc 2,326,000 years.
    The sun’s speed is 495,000 miles/hour. Sun’s diameter 870,000 miles and 36 years equals 315,360 hours. The sun covers a distance of 4.3 billion miles a year.
    Therefore, in 36 years the sun should cover a distance of aprox 155 billion miles. According to Jenkin’s sun, it moves a distance of 24,160 miles a year!!! and it means that Jenkin’s sun has a speed of 0.05 miles an hour!!!. Jenkins wants to tell me that from the time the tangent ( galactic centre )touches the circumference of the sun, till the time it exits touching at the other end of the circumference,it will take 36 years!!!. What a hogus bogus my God. These are false prophets and people belive them. These people are conspiring to keep humanity in darkness and asleep. The reality is very different..
    I go with facts and science, not with some kind of colored mayan wheel and artifacts. This is what I know regarding the solar system. The sun’s motion along the galactic plane, it’s an expanding and helicoidal motion, describing a sinusoidal pattern. A lot scientists say the sun moves in a circular motion and I think they are wrong because a spiral is not a circle and viceversa. This helical motion of the sun is characteristic of an electric charged and magnetized universe. This magnetic-electric universe creates vortices and which in turn relate to each other through plasma. The universe is not a vacuum, is teeming with life(protons, electrons, neutrons, plasma, magnetism). Maybe some scientist’s brains are in a state of vacuum, to which I will concur. Our solar system is crossing the galactic equator towards the north side. This side of our galaxy generates a shock wave that exposes the Earth to high-energy radiation every 64 million years or so. Our Solar System has just passed the mid-plane of the galaxy; more cosmic rays will be hitting Earth, more that these energetic particles could possibly cause various problems such as changes in weather, climate, damage DNA within humans and other animals, in other words, a massive extinction. We are moving in the direction to the Virgo constellation, which is located toward the northern part of our galaxy. (at a speed of about 200 kilometers per second). So, when the Earth’s solar system is on the north side of the Milky Way’s plane, we are being bombarded by more cosmic rays from the Virgo constellation. The southern side of the galaxy is safer for our solar system, because we get protection from this deadly cosmic radiation by the galactic plane that acts as a shield. The galactic centre is a very dense area; it’s where cosmic dust, gamma rays, plasma ejected from the blackhole, comets and asteroids are located.
    Eocene-Oligocene extinction event 32 Mya. Two asteroids hit earth. One in Chesapeake bay (north America), left a crater 80 km in diameter and 1 km deep. The other hit in Siberia forming what is called the Popigai crater. The impact left 95 Km crater and it’s said that the ash, debris were scattered all the way to Europe, to the Adriatic, Aegean and part of Mediterranean sea. Global cooling
    Cretaceous/Tertiary (K-T period) 64 Mya. Dinosaur, marine and fauna extinction. Asteroid struck earth in the peninsula of Yucatan (Central America). It was a major extinction event. Volcanic activity, Global cooling
    The Cenomanian-Turonian boundary 96Mya. It was an extinction event. Sudden climate change, violent cataclysmic events.
    The Triassic-Jurassic 200 Mya. Major extinction event. Volcanic activity, Global cooling, glaciations period. The sun has a cycle of 64 My and crosses the galactic disc approximately every 32 My and not what some new agers claim. They spread false information by saying that our sun crosses the galactic plane every 26000 years; this is wrong and completely false. 26000 years, is the amount of time it takes to the earth to precess or rotate around its axis to complete a 360 degree period. New agers they say that once the earth crosses the galactic centre, humans will be transformed into beings of light with a higher form of consciousness. Read Isaiah 24:1-6 regarding polar shift and the asteroid wormwood of Revelation 8: 11. Bible contains a lot of information if one knows how to read it. I confronted the new agers with their false information and they didn’t like me telling the truth. All these above mentioned events, what they have in common is that they occurred more or less at the time our solar system was crossing the galactic centre. Right now as I am speaking, our solar system is crossing the galactic equator. It’s going to be a nightmare and a rough ride. We are going to be crossing all those dense cosmic clouds of the spiral arms. Frequent explosions happen there, which will send loaded shockwaves with gamma rays toward earth. These phenomena plus other possible events such as encountering hot plasma ejected from the blackhole of our galaxy, it could destabilize our solar system, in particular the Oort cloud where huge asteroids could be knocked out of their orbit and hurl toward earth. Intense volcanic activity is expected, intense earthquakes, tsunamis, global cooling. Solar flares could knock down satellites and everything that depends on it such as internet, cellphones….etc will be affected. It will be a pandemonium and that is why the governments have been preparing in secret since the 40’s in secret for such event. Martial law will be declared. The Vatican closed their library in 2007, they catalogued all the most important books, manuscripts and they are buried in salt mines. They will open at the end of this year 2010. Hadron Collider is a Tesla weapon and inside the perimeter is where will be buried all the big guys treasures. Possible eruption of Yellowstone caldera in 2011 God Bless Everyone…….

  17. So, what is your take on Planet X?

    Even NASA went looking for Planet X in 1983. They are the ones who gave it that name!

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  19. Bogusbuster says:

    I’m not an expert but responding to the comment from non-relevant. The missing 192 mil. They are 2 different cycles and you are confused. You are combining the revolution of our solar system going around our whole galaxy with our solar system going up and down through the galactic plain. The first takes 220 mil yrs and the second cycle takes 30 mil. So, doing the math 220 divided by 30 mil which would mean in a full galactic cycle of the solar system around the milky way, our solar system goes up and down through the galactic plain approx. 7 times. Common sense dude! If I’m off base, some one please correct me.

  20. Chaise Roberts says:

    I have heard many stories of 2012 mostly just to scare people its all a hoax it isn’t real I have read the Holy Bible and it says no one will no when the day of the world ending may happen if you are a christian you won’t believe this nonsense

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